Sunday, May 29, 2011

Everlastwelders - How to Become a Welder

Usually, the first step will probably be to ensure you have a high school diploma or equivalent. Although it is feasible to become a welder without having graduated high school, your chances are a lot lower.

Like all jobs, you are going to require making sure you know what you are obtaining in to. Despite what you might have heard, welders have immense concentration and the ability to function for an extended time on one project. They are also usually in nice physical condition. This is merely because welding involves holding heavy equipment for lengthy periods of time.

Now that you know what welders do, it is time to get trained. Usually you will go to a university, trade school or a local college.
Do not forget that the military also offers some great programs. Within the event you require to skip the formal training then it is time for discover a job. However, most welding apprenticeships will require you to have some background expertise.

Now that you have earned your diploma, now it is time to go out and secure a job. Often occasions your college or trade school will offer career placement services. The whole point of the career services department at your school is to assist you receive a job! As historically in the past mentioned, the U.S. military will often have fantastic programs for people who have graduated from a trade school.

Now that you have discovered the greatest program for you, it is time to enroll in classes. Make sure you pay interest and build the entire abilities essential to become an effective welder.

As soon as you start working you might discover that much of your each and every day work will be very similar to the training that you just done. You are Right! With numerous trades, there is a learning period on the job where you'll continue to create in your abilities and acquire additional certifications. Do not frown on the extended training, this is the time to ask questions and earn all of your certifications which will wind up in an immense payoff.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Plasma cutter setting and evaluating tips

Plasma cutter is one of the finest welders used in the welding industry and it has all the specifications and things that are needed for a perfect welding. In this article, let us see how to set up and evaluate the plasma cutter. Know that any welders without proper set up and evaluation will not give you the perfect requirements you need and also without proper set up of any welder, you could not get a clean cut. Not only you won't get clean cut, but also it will damage your equipment. As plasma cutters become more affordable, more people use them for their metal-cutting needs. In the event you are thinking about a plasma cutter, you ought to evaluate your options based on several criteria. We will also see how to evaluate the plasma cutter in the article. So let us proceed now in to the setting up of plasma cutter.

Connect the air line jogging from an air compressor to the air regulator located on the back of the plasma cutter. Turn on the air compressor and Permit the compressor to build pressure and also set a piece of scrap metal on a non-combustible work surface. Place a fire extinguisher near your work area. Once you have done with the above procedures, try to secure the plasma cutter lead to the scrap metal or work surface. Now turn on the plasma cutter and set up its heat to the highest setting. Now grasp the plasma gun trigger and pull the plasma gun over the surface of the metal. Inspect the cut, if you notice any excessive dross cooled melted metal hanging from the cut, and then turn down the heat setting of the plasma cutter.

After being inspected, then adjust the cut so that there is no dross remains on the edges of the plasma cut. That's it now you can safely work with the plasma cutting machine. Now let us see how to evaluate the plasma cutter. The thicknesses of the metal you are going to cut is essential and always get the machines with higher amperage because machines with the higher amperage cuts faster and easily than the lower amperage. Test the cutting speeds of different plasma cutters with the same amperage to choose which machine works quickest through metals of the same thickness. You should examine the cuts to see how smooth the metal cuts and test the machine to determine the tightness of the arc and then try drawing a thick line over the metal to see how well it stay within the line.

Check whether the plasma torch cutter is comfort in your hand and don't forget to evaluate the plasma cutting machine with its duty cycle and look for a plasma cutter with different alternative starting methods. Read the welder manual to know its ratings, especially consumables ratings and your machine should be comfortable and portable. With all these steps, it is sure that you can have a good welding with the plasma cutting machine.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tips to Weld Safely

Welding whatever type it may be, it is dangerous if you not wear appropriate welding accessories. While you do any welding such as arc welding, mig welding, tig welding and more do it with some precautionary measures and also you must employ number of safety conditions in order to weld safely. Welding has plenty of makes use of, but improper procedures can show disastrous. Always pick to weld safely. Here are the tips that you should follow when you do any welding with arc welder, mig welder, tig welder, plasma cutter and much more.

* Do not minimize or ignore safety precautions--welding is not an activity conducive to shortcuts. Do examine all the equipments for sign of wear.
* Check all valves & hoses for feasible leaks. Spray all hoses & fittings with a light mixture of dish soap & water. The soap creates bubbles through leaks. Replace any damaged equipment before use
* Open doors and windows and turn on exhaust fans to make sure adequate ventilation. Have a working fire extinguisher nearby. Prepare the area in which you'll be welding. Remove trash, cardboard, shop rags, flammable liquids and all other flammable materials that can ignite from a stray welding spark.
* Welder mask can prevent the retinal damage that happen if you have been subjected to any sparks in eye and try to wear the mask that prevents 100% UV and infra red rays.
* While welding, you should definitely wear the dress that are appropriately mentioned for welding and try to wear the welder clothes that are grease-free flame retardant clothing that fits close to your body
* Wear long pants, shirts and long sleeves to protect your skin Place rubber bands around loose fitting ankle and wrist cuffs.
* The welding environment in which the users work is essential and it should be conducive to safe craft practice. Do not weld in an area where the floor is covered with wooden floors and work in an area where the floor has been covered with fire resistant materials.
* When you weld, make sure that there is not any flammable material present around you and always have a fire extinguisher that is capable of putting any fire out
* Your welding area should be ventilated properly so that you can avoid over exposure to toxic gases. Never weld even there is a small puddle of water around you
* Always do your work with proper attire and wear welding helmet while you weld so that you can be safe and the welding helmet performs no of functions such as prevents the welder from damaging his eyes with flash burns and protect the entire face from sparks and hot metal
* Check your electrical equipment before you do welding and make sure that all connections are proper and they never exceed their capacity.
* While performing work with welders, make sure that you do not touch their inner parts when you work and never keep any materials around them.

Work safely and have a nice working atmosphere always around yourself.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tig Welder, Arc Welder and Plasma Cutter - The Best Welding Machines

Welding machines are essential for good welding process and an industry that uses welding process needs proper welding equipment and tools. Here, in this article, we are going to see the three best welding machines and its uses. They are none other than tig welders, plasma cutter and arc welders. This three welding process are widely used in many industries, for example, when you see tig welding, it is a welding process that allows for stronger and higher quality welds and most of the engineers prefer for gas tungsten arc welding because it has low hydrogen properties and matches well with the mechanical and chemical properties of the base material. Arc welding was the old type of welding process, but still now it is popular due to its weld characteristics.

Plasma cutting uses new technology and it cuts steel and other metals of different thickness. Ok, let us now proceed into these welders and its uses, and also let us see from last to first. We will start with plasma cutter, the modern industry depend upon heavy metals and alloys and metals are extremely strong and at the same time it is also has some weak characteristics. To cut a metal is not so easy and that too it needs to be cut precisely so how can you cut and manipulate the metals precisely. For all these questions, a new machine was introduced and it is called as plasma cutter. When you see conceptually, it is extremely simple and come in all shapes and sizes. It is compact and used largely in auto shops and car manufacturers. When you buy this welding machine, consider the way it is made and look for the one that cuts most of the time.

When you look for this machine consider what you will be cutting most of the time and do not have a one that undercut the metal you are working with most of the time. Check the capacity of the machine you are going to buy and also get a plasma cutting machine that cuts faster than others. The myth that surrounding the arc welder is that it is more expensive and can be used only by large companies, but it is not true, the arc welding machine that exists now are much more affordable and can be used by all types of industries. Find which arc welders are you going to buy and see its demonstration and learn how to use them so that you can get a type you need. The last, but not least is tig welders and tig welding depend upon consumables such as tungsten electrode and it is a specialized welder that cannot be found in many stores and with the help of this welding machine, you can weld two different pieces of metals that are thick and can weld together without using filler.

So when you buy these machines, look for the one that are best and quality in both price and piece. Get a good machine and weld safely.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Arc Welder and Its General Information

Joining two or more pieces of metal is easy now and we have many welding machines in the market that welds tow pieces of metals and arc welder is a device that joins two pieces or more than two pieces of steels together. It is very common that the welders generate enough heat to melt the pieces of steel and by suing electric current these welding machines generates enough heat to melt those pieces. Generally a welding rod is placed in the arc welder and it is placed in positive side and it is called as stinger and the negative part is attached to steel with a clamp. When the electrode gets stroked on the steel, the steel generates a spark and the metal gets melted. The electrode that is placed melts the steel and joins the pieces together.

Hope, now everyone would have understood what we are discussing now, yes we are seeing about arc welder and its significance. All the welding machines have a welding rod and the welding rod of this welding machine is covered with a material known as flux and as the rod gets melt, the flux gets creates the gas and that gas shield the contaminants of weld and allow this welding machine to cool without any problem and once the weld had cooled, you need to chip the slag from the weld and brush the wire to ensure it is presentable and neat. May be this welding machine may seems to be slow, but it is a past comment and now the arc welding machine that is in market now are very fast and accurate. It is of portable type and made in such a way that it is user convenient.

Tig welder resembles this machine in some aspects such as the wire welding rod is dipped in a weld pool and melts the steel with welding torch. While doing arc welding, the user should move his hand downwards and it is especially done to keep the rod distance away so that the user can acquire the uniform weld depth and penetration. Mig welder varies with arc welding machine in some aspects and unlike arc welding machine, the mig welder feeds the wire off so that the user needs to focus on moving his hand in the welding direction. The welders that are in market now have all the features the user needs and it is leading the industry with its price and performance. It is of Infineon IGBT inverter type and typically used in many applications such as general repair, fabrication, commercial industries, factory maintenance and in ship yards.

Arc welding are always recognized by the people and it is also called as stick welders. So buy these welding machines in a well recognized shop and get the best one so that you can enjoy the benefits of this machine. While welding always try to weld in a safe area and protect yourself with appropriate safety welding gears and wear welding goggles and welding helmets so that you are always protected.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Are Welders Safe to Work With?

Many of the people when working with the welders do not care much about safety measures and it is due to the fact that they are not aware about it. Due to this dilemma, the Welders that have been used for welding has an impact that it is not safe to work with. So for all those who are in a thought that welding machines are not safety, here is the answer for your confusion and also let us see how to weld safely with proper precautionary measures. First of all know the fact that each and every machine when working with the electrical equipment socket, you need to be more cautious because any carelessness leads to some unwanted situations. Whenever you buy a welder for your work, get the manual for that machine and see on what conditions it works well and what are the requirements it needed to connect to the socket. Once you get through this information, I am sure that you can almost work safely.

This is the reason where many of the users fail to do. They work as like without knowing the proper requirements. Before buying any welding machine, try to make the proper place for the machine so that it can settle properly. Then, see the electrical requirements are proper and also ensure that it is properly grounded. The modern welding machines that have been now in the market are made cautiously with these conditions and they are also modernized. Machines like arc welder, tig welder, mig welder, plasma cutter and many others seems to be the safest welding machine for many users and industries. The tig welder and plasma cutter are designed with more considerations since it has been used widely in the industries. They are made of Infineon inverter type with many warning facilities and also have cooling facility in it so that if the machine gets hot, it cools down itself automatically.

So they are not hazardous to work with and it is all in our hands on how to deal with it since they are all machines, but made in a technological way. I hope now many of them would have come out of their confusion about the welding machines. Users who are working with the welding machines do wear the safety welding gears such as welding helmets, welding gloves, welding clothes and welding goggles so that nothing can make any damage to yourself. You work either for a long duration or short duration; make it compulsory that you should wear these things and work. The industries should also make a notice in the working area and also should make the workers to wear these welding accessories compulsory. While you are working with the welding process, do not keep any hazardous or any material that can damage your work and health. Work safe and enjoy the products of welding happily and peacefully. Buy the graded welding products so that even your life also would be graded.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Welding machines- what you need to know

Can you ever imagine a life without transportation vehicles? Can the country get fame without any historical monuments? Can you imagine a world without any latest technological inventions? The answer for all these questions is single world and it is NO. Today we are living in the world where everything have become luxurious and we can't even imagine a life without some basic amenities, but did you know that behind every things that we enjoy, there is something behind it. Yes, in each and every question that I have mentioned above has some secret behind its work and it is none other than the welding process and welding machines. The motive behind writing this article is the viewers should say welding- everything I know instead of saying welding machines, I don't know anything.

What was the first welding process and welder that have been used?

When you see the history of welding, it goes back centuries ago and it has been in the existence even during medieval period times. As per the source, the firs welding process used was forge welding, but it not gained popularity and later on the other welding process came and it is called as arc welding and the first welder used was arc welder. This welder become famous during the World War 1 and from then it has been still in use with different modifications.

Why you need different types of welding machines for use?

Though most of the welding machine cuts the same type of metal, still why different types of welders has been used. This is the question for most of the people and here is the solution for it. Though different types of welding machines cut the same metal, each and every welding machine has its own uniqueness. For example, plasma cutter all types of metal with different thickness and it is used for cutting some metals, similarly machines like mig welder, tig welder and arc welder have their own characteristic features and perform their own operation. In some cases, the machine that suits for one process may not suit for other process.

Who invented these different types of welding machines?

When considering the invention, there were not that much data available, but the idea behind creating this machine was clear and all the machines have been created based on the welders that have been invented first.

Where to get the best welding machines?

To get the best welding tools or machines, you need to do some good search on the shops or manufacturers who produce the different types of machines with quality, warranty and guarantee. These three is essential and any machine that fails to produce this characteristics doesn't suit your requirement.

Which welders are the best welders?

We can't say that this welding machine is best than the other, mig welding is good for the respective metals that have been made for it, similarly tig welder, arc welder and plasma cutter are best for their respective process and metals.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Everlastwelders - All About Welders and Their Uses

Weldersare always the user friendly tools, if they use it in a proper way. They do not make any harm to you instead it is due to our carelessness; we make some mistakes and hurt ourselves. Generally welding is a process that deals with welding fumes and heat. Yes of course it deals with some hotness and fumes, but without this hotness and fumes, you cannot enjoy the latest technological inventions. There are many welding accessories such as welding helmets and other welding gears such as welding clothes, welding goggles and gloves available to protect the user. So you don't need to worry about it, there are many welders available and each and every welding machine is used for some particular purpose and sometimes they cut the same type of metal, but they are always the user friendly tools.

Mig welder, arc welder, tig welder, spot welder and plasma cutter are the different types of welding tools available and in that mig, arc, tig welder and plasma cutter are the most frequently used welders in the industries due to their significant nature and their work efficiency. Mig welder was originally developed for welding aluminum and later on it was also applied to steels. Further development in this process has made this welder more versatile the most highly used welding tools in the industries. This tool is used for mig welding process and the original name for mig welding is metal inert gas welding and since it uses a shielding gas that are fed through welding gun. This equipment generally consists of welding gun, wire feed unit. Welding power supply and electrode wire with shielding gas supply.

It is used for both commercial and industrial applications and also used in fabrication shops and etc. The next welding machine in the row is tig welder and it is a welding tool that is used to weld some reactive metals such as magnesium, aluminum, steel, copper and some non ferrous materials. Welding performed with this welding process provides stronger welding with high quality welds and grants the operator a great control over the process so that high work efficiency can be achieved. As like it competitor welding machines, it consists of welding gun, torch, a tungsten electrode, welding supply and shielding gas source. This welding process is significantly used in transportation industries and it is also used for HVAC and other purposes.

Plasma cutting process being the scientific welding process is typically used in many industrial applications that starts from general hobbies and extend to HVAC, motor fabrication and more. With the help of plasma cutter, one can even make minute art materials with ease. In the market, it is available with all the material and available with different electrode dimensions so that the user can cut different types of metal with different thickness. Arc welding being the old welding process is still in use and has been used in aircraft industries and more and the arc welder is the best welding tool that suits for this process.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Welding- boon or bane

Boom verbally means something to be thankful for and bane is something considered as nuisance and annoyance. My question is what you think of when you hear the world welding, welders and anything related to welding. Either you considered it as a blessing or irritation. When I asked this question to some of my friends, I was very happy that the answer was positive from most of the people. After analyzing the response, I really found and I am glad to have such a wonderful process that has been the reason for many developments in industries and etc. today our discussion is related with the topic whether this process is a boon or a bane. There are many supportive reasons to say that it is a boon to the world rather than saying it is a bane.

Transportation, architectures and many other things need the help of welding technology and without this any country cannot improve their economy and also, they cannot cope up with the other developing countries. There are many welders available in this industry such as tig welder, mig welder, arc welder and etc. Without these inventions, you would not have seen big industries and monuments, in simple, you would not been transporting to different places with ease as the welders and its technology plays a vital role in automobile industries. Many historical structures, even the famous statue of liberty is a part of welding process. So when you see, the reasons behind these great structures are not known to anyone and that matters. If everybody would have known it, then there would be no negative answers for this question.

If you ask any industrialist who heavily depends upon the welder tools, they will say about its advantages and benefits in brief. Many pipes that carry gas, liquid are the part of this technology and any minute defect while welding leads to some dangerous unavoidable issues. Welding is usually the simplest, quickest, and most cost-effective system, at least in the case of structural metals. Welding doesn't need parts to fit exactly. Methods like bolts or screws need some type of flange or overlap of parts, so with welding, weight and material savings can be realized. A top quality weld can often be stronger than the parts to be joined, though this ought to not be depended on. It is probably less true than may welders might claim.

You can cut and weld any types of metal that may be aluminum, steel or etc; it eases the work and gives you the quality welds. It cuts any metals virtually with ease and the modern welders that are available have all the parts that even make the work easier. Overall, it has all the qualities where one can say it is definitely a boon to the world and not a bane. Though it is considered as a process where it deals with welding fumes and the person who does this work are subjected to more risk, but with the advent of the new welders, this has been made false.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tig Welding and Tig Welder's Summary

Tungsten inert gas welding is the full form of tig welding and it is generally an arc welding process which uses tungsten electrodes to produce the weld. The tungsten electrode is a non consumable electrode; hence this welding is called as non consumable welding. This welding is generally used to weld thin metals such as thin section of stainless steel and metal such as aluminum, magnesium and copper. This is the process where the user gets greater control over the weld than any other processes and allows for stronger and higher quality welds. During those days, this process is difficult to control and master, but after the invention of modern tig welders, this has been changed and now even the person who welds first time can become the master of this welding process.

Even in the 20th century, welding metals like non ferrous metals seems to be a difficult one, then to solve this issue, this welding has been introduced and few years later, this process was one of the best welding process that has been used in the aircraft industry. Depending upon the power set up, this can be used either under direct current or alternating current. This welding is generally done with the help of welder known as tig welder and it is one of the best welders that the industry has seen. It has all the features so that the user can use it with ease and without any complications and a shallow, wide weld is produced from this mode, with minimum heat input. Most of the engineers and welding experts prefer this welding because it has low-hydrogen properties and the match of mechanical and chemical properties with the base material is proper.

Maximum weld quality is assured and it is environment friendly welding process because it uses the most modern technology so that it doesn't leave that much dust and the user can handle this welder with ease since it has been designed with portable weight and build with user convenience. Most of the tig welder manufacturers offer this welding machine with the perfect kit and tools such as welding torch and accessories so that you don’t need to run here and there for to get it. Even the welding torches are made with high quality and the accessory doesn't get worn up easily and it can be used for long time without any defects. It uses a constant current source and has over current warning facility and warns if the current exceeds the limit. So when considering the summary, it can even extend to ten pages because it has all the qualities that can make them suit better for different welding operations.

While buying this welding machine, buy it with care and get the user manual so that you can know the entire information of this machine with accurate settings and control. Buy a quality and warranty welder so that you can use for more number of years.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Everlastwelders - The benefits of using welders in industries

Welding is a process that deals with heat and you can weld any products without proper welding equipments and accessories. In that aspect, the welders play a good role in industries and have made this work easier and has increased the production of many goods, including automobiles, ships, trains, buildings, and bridges. A welder when maintained properly gives you the quality welds and you can virtually cut any type of metal with ease and in an accurate manner. The welders work much faster if you have an efficient workman in our industry. It cuts faster and avoids the scraps and other wastages and gets you a good ROI. There are different types of welders available in market. Let us discuss their advantages in brief.

First let us start with mig welder, the mig welder continuously fed electrodes and makes the welding process much faster when compared to other welding processes. In mig welding the flux is not used so the mig welder produces a smooth, clean, spatter free and high quality welds. Due to this welding benefit, it reduces the total welding cost with no further cleaning is required. When you do welding with mig welder, it is easier to weld both thicker and thinner materials effectively which proves its versatility. When doing welding process with this mig welding machine, the distortion gets reduced considerably since it involves high arc travel speeds.

The tig welders come up with more features than its competitor welding machines and the tig welders are exceptionally accessible and give you the option to easily adjust for repeatable weld cycles, start, and weld crater. This welding machine can weld any type of metal and it is used in more refined conditions and applications. It provides the smooth arc characteristics with stable and good puddle wet in. It has adjustable weld parameters for different operations and it has good pulse function that increases the overall weld quality and reduces the overall heat input. It comes with digital panels and accurate setting controls such that coded controls are in colored way with easy to find and understand them. You can easily connect anywhere and can take anywhere since it has been designed in way such that is user friendly.

Recently the industries has been celebrating and enjoying the benefits of welding machine that has been good in all aspects and it is none other than plasma cutters which is called as the scientific welding machines since it uses plasma gas. With the plasma cutter, you can cut any type of metal with ease and also you can easily start this process that allows easy cutting of rusty and painted metals. Doing the welding process with this welding machine provides exceptionally smooth and clean welding cuts and it is available in different types with different duty cycles and can withstand for long hours and make you convenient to work. Overall, the welding machines have brought some significant changes in the industry with their best features.