Thursday, June 2, 2011

Are plasma cutters really a scientific welding machine?

The vital and the effective welder in the industry is plasma cutters and it cuts metals of different thickness and cuts metals like steel, aluminum, brass and etc. People call this welder as the scientific welding machine due to its process and uses. It uses the plasma gas where plasma is a concept of science and it generally works by sending electric arc through plasma gas that is generally passed through a constricted opening. Many modern industries heavily depend upon on the manipulation of heavy metals and alloys and also, the metals are used for building tools and transportation for day to day businesses. The metals are extremely strong and durable and only any process through science can cut any type of metal virtually with ease.

Plasma cutting is an important gizmo in any metal fabrication industry. Plasma cutters, or plasma torches, are a way to make neat cuts through metal, often a difficult material to work with. Plasma cutting machines use high temperatures to accomplish these cuts with high accuracy, but plasma-cutting know-how is not as fantastic as it seems. Plasma cutting machine were first used in the work of World War II. Since then, they have had improvements & upgrades but stay an effective gizmo. Plasma cutting can be used by lots of kinds of workers in a variety of conditions. In the auto industry, plasma cutters are used to cut out parts & shapes. In heavier industries, it is used to slice through gigantic sheets of metal. As a handheld tool, it can be useful in auto shops or by locksmiths when a bore needs to be made. Computer mathematically controlled (CNC) machines permit workers to arrange shapes using a computer screen, which the plasma cutting tool will then follow & automatically cut.

One of the advantages of using a plasma cutter is that the surface of the metal outside of the cutting area remains comparatively cool; this prevents the warping and paint damage that can occur with other flame cutters. A narrow heat affected zone (HAZ) also allows the use of templates for exact crooked line cutting. Plasma cuts up to times faster than traditional torches and does not depend on highly-flammable gases. Plenty of plasma cutters also perform well as gougers and can pierce metal quickly and exactly. As I said it is the scientific welding machine, it has all the features that are related with science. It has digital readouts and settings; it comes in inverter type that is of modern one. This welder cuts any metals virtually with ease and has settings called over current warning. It makes the user alert when the current exceeds the capacity.

Since it uses the plasma gas, it cuts even the larger metals easily and with accuracy. The best part is it also removes the welded materials and that too it can be done in the same welding machine called plasma cutter. You can get two functions in one machine. I think the title best suit to this machine.

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  1. The most common type of gas used is Compressed Air or Nitrogen. You can either choose to set up your machine with an air compressor or a bottle, but make sure that it is a dry gas or it will shorten the life of your consumables... which can be spendy.

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