Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tips to opt the Best Welder

Power is such a common problem that most of us want to get rid of. We feel so disturbed due to this issue that we want a true solution to it. Engine-driver is the thing that we need to sort out this issue. Thanks to the scientists also the researchers who made it possible for us to get a great thing to ease this problem. Welders are mainly used where there is electric power shortage.

It can be used for completing indoor and outdoor jobs. In case, there is no light while working in the outdoor area, you can make use of the welders. They are very effective in such circumstances. An added great thing about the welders is that they can be carried very easily. Welders with an enclosed case are heavier than the tube frame engines and welders designed with the tube frame engines are quite easy to transport and carry as they are light weighted. It is a great option for the ranchers, farmers, contractors and crews. Are you eager to know more on this topic? Then read on as we tell you in detail.

There are a few things that you may need to take into consideration while purchasing a welder. These include:

  • Frame- it is one of the most significant factors that need to be considered by you. You have to make it sure that the frames are protective as well as durable for your outdoor equipments. You have to check whether the tubes are rugged, sturdy and large in diameter or not. Considering this factor will prove to be useful for you in the long run.

  • Another essential thing is to decide which option you want to select-AC or DC Welding Output. You have to choose the option after enough consideration. It will entirely depending on your requirements. AC welding output is available at a lower price and DC welding output is a bit costlier. Apart from that, AC welding output is much easier to carry as compared to the DC output.

  • Engine is another very essential issue to consider while selecting a welding output. You can go for for a commercial-grade engine that has cast iron cylinder and has 2-year warranty.

  • There is another very crucial factor that you have to consider before taking any definite decision. There are lots of companies who offer the welding service. You may get confused to select one from a long list. It is better on your part to do several researches from the internet and it will help you to fix the best deal.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Everlastwelders - Understanding TIG Welding

In the past hundred years there has been not very any product made from steel or aluminum that in some way did not need welding. The most common welding system has been arc welding in several forms. The system in it is most basic form is actually simple. Take pieces of similar metal. Place them together and then apply a heat source sufficient to raise the metal close to its melting point. Then apply a filler metal and fuse the pieces together.

Basic arc welders use a machine able to producing an adjustable electrical current. Pass this current through a wire that has a tool at it is finish able to holding a coated welding rod. From the welding machine run a wire, called a ground, and attach it somewhere along the metal to be welded. Next place the welding rod against the metal in such a way that it completes the electrical circuit which creates an arc between the welding rod and the metal. This arc will produce heat which heats both pieces of metal and the rod itself melts in to the weld and when properly done both pieces of metal will be fused in to a single assembly. The system of coursework is more complex than this as the electrical arc must be adjusted for various thicknesses of metal and various coated rods will even be used depending on the make up of the metal.

A TIG welder, whose name is derived from the system, (tungsten inert gas), is a process that does not use the standard coated welding rod so common in basic arc welding. In lieu of coated welding rods to shield the weld various gasses are used.

This process works well for most common varieties of steel when the pieces to be joined are close to the same thickness. The basic arc welder does not work well when thick pieces need to be joined to thick pieces. It is impossible to properly control the heat produced by the arc that would permit the thick piece of metal to heat without melting the thinner piece. In addition exotic metals such as aluminum lots of times cannot be arc welded. In these situations the TIG welder excels.

In lieu of a clamp to hold a welding rod, the TIG welder has a holder called a torch that holds a short tungsten rod. The torch is also designed to emit a gas around the weld puddle which shields the weld from the atmosphere which would contaminate the weld.

TIG welders are also called Heli arc or GTIG, (gas tungsten inert gas), welders. This process while an advanced arc welder also makes use of a machine to produce an electrical current. A ground wire is also used. The current is again passed thru a wire but the difference at the business finish of this wire is the secret that makes this process work.

An important feature of this process is that the arc which produces the heat needed to fuse the metal is controlled by a foot pedal which makes it simple to adjust the heat to permit a narrow piece to be welded to a thick piece of material. A bare filler rod is usually used to complete the weld. In addition the tungsten rod is not consumed in the coursework of the welding system but must be reshaped as it wears away in the coursework of while welding.

The gas used varies again depending on the metal itself. Lots of gas mixtures are available but argon is probably the most common gas used. The torch also has a provision to circulate water within it to icy the torch.

This fundamentally describes the TIG welding system. Of coursework as with any metal working system there is much more involved as aluminum and other exotic metals are welded.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why plasma cutter is called as the modern welding machine?

Plasma cutting is a process that is used as an important tool in metal fabrication industry and many of them say that this machine is called as the modern welding machine, but do you all know one thing, this welding process and welder is surviving since 1960. Even though it is available from 1960, it is not called as the old type of welding machine, but still it is called as the modern one. This is a great credit for this welding machine and the inventor. Let us see what speciality has made this welding machine to acquire such a name in the welding market.

Plasma cutters stand apart from its competitor welders such mig welder, tig welder and arc welder due to its clean cuts, high accuracy and ease of doing work. When it was first invented, it was not as good in technical and technological aspects, but later on the users came to understand the importance about this welding machine and made some changes in it. Due to these changes, it is now reflecting as a pure diamond in the welding market. It has all the features and this welder use the gas called plasma and this plasma gas has all the capacity to melt the metal with ease due to its high temperature. It uses the high frequency high voltage to ionize the air and the best part is it is used in cnc machineries and even replaced the laser cutting process in all aspects though it does not use any laser features.

This welding machine is now available in ten different types and they are super cut 40, super cut50, super cut 50p, power plasma 50, power plasma 60, power plasma 60E, power plasma 70, power plasma 80 and power plasma 100. It uses both Toshiba and Infineon igbt inverter type and uses a high frequency start type. It cuts metals of different thickness and typically used in many applications. The plasma cutter has all the sizes and features that you look for and has over current warning facility with post flow timer that has the capability to save the life time of the consumables that is used in welding. It is less in weight and has come with new engineered models with smaller nozzle and thinner plasma arc.

It does some double roles such as plasma cutting and plasma gouging in the same plasma cutter machine. It is used to remove the weld from metals and has been widely used in many applications with different torch configurations and performance. So as I said above, it is scientifically good in all aspects and this welder has all the rights to conquer the title. So when you buy plasma cutter, buy with care so that you can get the best one in the market. There are no records for inventory details, but really the one who invented this machine should be a great person with lots of talent.

Friday, April 22, 2011

About TIG Welders and Its Types

5 types of the tig welders are power I TIG -200, power TIG 200 DX, power TIG 250 EX, power TIG EX, power TIG 225 LX, and power TIG 315 DX. The minimum voltage required to start the unit is 220/240v it can also afford consistent as well as stable parameters with the standard feature being with foot pedal control. Moreover there are machines which comes with the advantage as well as special features like arc force control, spool gun capability, digital display, consumer low power and so on which is specially designed so that these machine can be used in every industrial purposes and serve all industrial process, such machines are easily available and are called MIG machines.

They are namely I MIG 205, I MIG 160, I MIG 250, and I MIG 200. They're different types of MIG machines available for various uses. The power arc welder is also known or commonly known as stick welders. They are 2 types of stick welding machines available they are power arc 200 and power arc 160. These machines gives good competition also leads the industry with their performance and the price too. It also gives the benefit of excellent arc characteristic.

So when talking about welding process, the welders have a variety of options in different type of welding machine and the welders or the user can weld any type of metal easily and can be satisfied with a smooth welding characteristic with a high duty cycles and enjoying the benefits of the machine m be fullest only if you select a machine which is best suits your work.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tig welder selection tips

Tig welding is one of the finest welding processes and it has been used in many industries and applications due to its versatile welding process and accuracy. It uses tungsten electrode as a consumable and it is available in different types. In this article, we are going to deal with some tig welder selections such as choosing, setting and some more tips so that when you buy this welder, it might seems to be an easy one. Many of the basic industries fail to understand this process and get fall on some defect products and also they buy an inexpensive product into a cheap rate. So let us precede our discussion. First we will start with how to buy a tig welding machine.

Try to find a local welding dealer or store and ensure that they are specialized in dealing with all kinds of welding machines and in particular, tig welding machine. The next easiest way to find this welder is to have a look at classifieds, in classifieds, you can see a column for welding over there and in that you can have a look at a variety of welding machines. In welding classifieds, you can also find some sort of used welders, decide yourself, which one are you going to buy. Have a visit at online retailers so that you can get some more ideas on this excellent welding machine. After this processes, you would have come into a conclusion regarding how to buy and where to buy. Our next issue is how to choose it. Choosing is easy if you spend some more time on knowing some basic information about it. You need to select a tig welder that is quality in all aspects and also, you should select a welding machine that can weld all types of metals.

The machine you select should be capable of working with all types of gases. The welding machine should match with the specified tig welding input and for example, if you need to weld a hard metal, you need an ac welder that will work better. Dc welder works well with soft metals and buy a welding machine based on the thickness of the metal that you are going to weld. The most important point is the welding machine that you buy should match well with your work location and buy a portable welding machine that has good duty cycle with warranty and guarantee. I think so now you have bought the best tig welding machines in the market, but you don't how to set up it. Don’t worry, here comes the tips for also that.

Plug the welding machine into the proper marked spots and if necessary, connect the control panel to the welding machine. Then, select the proper ground clamp with appropriate metal setting on the welder and then plug the welding machine into the required outlet and turn it on. Follow these tips and buy the best tig welding machine with attractive features.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Plasma cutter working procedure

For many businesses and industries, the metal cutting is important and what is considered hard in those days are considered easy as nowadays and in that aspect the welding process have been made so easier. We often see in everyday life that metal is the hardest substance and especially the construction companies need best metal systems to work on their different working requirements. Today there are many welders available and among different types the plasma cutter is called as the best welding machine ever seen next to tig welder and arc welder. Most of the users don't know the working procedure of this machine and in this article; you can see the working procedure of this welder in brief. When the plasma cutters introduced into the market, it was in the size of small refrigerator, but now it came as small as possible with portability and comfort.

The plasma cutter can be plugged into any typical wall home outlet and it utilizes the electrical transformer with the internal circuitry and transforms the power of 120 v ac with the current drawn of 15 amperes. The typical voltage range is 20 to 50 v and it has the high output of 100 amperes and also, it creates the identifiable blue while cutting stream of electrical plasma. With its unique circuitry, it concentrates this electron flow into a stream of cutting power and the electrons can be seen when the trigger is pulled on the cutting torch handle. The intense plasma heats and melts the metal as a smaller diameter puddle. Another force is needed to push the puddle once it has been made and the compressed air is conducted through torch handle and released when trigger is pulled. Now you can get the stream of plasma and it creates the small diameter for fine line of cutting metal.
Due to the intense stream of plasma, the torch handle can be moved along the surface of material in speeds of 100 inches or more per minute. This property makes this welder to achieve the maximum speed and makes this welding machine as the high speed cutting apparatus. The arc of the plasma cut a 6 to 7 degree angle on the vertical face and metal pieces of ¼ inch or greater may be dressed with some electric grinder to have a true perpendicular angle in relation to the horizontal surface. To cut using any metal by using plasma arc system requires an arc that is created between work piece and nozzle and also, 50 to 60 volts is needed to maintain the arc. The electrodes are negatively charged and the work piece is positively charged and this setting ionizes the gas to carry the electron stream between nozzle and metal.

The arc itself has the capacity to melt the metal and due to high pressure, it welds the metal soon with ease and accuracy. These are the entire working procedure of plasma cutter and try to buy this excellent welding machine from a good welder shop and have a hassle free purchase that is filled with joy and satisfaction.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Plasma cutters uses and information

An important tool in any metal fabrication industry is called as plasma cutters and they make clean cuts through metal. This welder uses high temperature so the user can cut the metal with accuracy and also it is one of the oldest welding machines that have been used since World War II. Now, this device has been made with some improvements and upgrades and also they remain a very effective tool. A plasma cutter uses a gas called inert gas and through electric current, it creates a powerful torch and it cuts the metal with ease. The gas is generally blown through the nozzle of the machine at a high speed and the gas that gets heated up converts it into hot plasma. The heat that comes out of the welder melts the metals as it cuts and enhances a smooth and clean edges.

This plasma cutting machine was first appeared in the American factories and then used in military aircraft production plants during the time of World War II. The working principle of the plasma cutter is simple and it works through the forcing gas from a narrow opening and then through electric current. Gases such as oxygen, nitrogen or air can be used and the temperature to which it gets heated up converts the superheat fuel into plasma and it is a different state of matter. As i said above, this is used in metal fabrication industry and also used by contractors who are in the outside field and it is easy for them to repair any onsite works and it avoids the use of carrying heavy welding machines. The plasma cutters are designed in such a way that it is portable and convenient to carry to different places. It increases the work speed and the users can finish their work soon.

This plasma cutting machine is used in different conditions and in different industries and especially the auto industries uses this welder for cutting out parts and then to make it into shape. Some of the heavy industries use this machine to slice through large sheets of metal and it is used by auto shops and locksmiths as a hand held tool when they need to make some bore. It is also used in a technological way and the cnc machines which is called as computer numerically controlled machines enhances the workers to use it on computer screen and the plasma cutting device follows the instructions as loaded in the cnc machines and perform the welding process as prescribed by the computers and performs automatic cuts.

This welding machine is also used by artists as a unique part in their metal work and the tip of the plasma cutting machine enhances them to make the intricate patterns in the metal. This welding machine is available in the market in cheap rate with best quality and many manufacturers manufacture it because it in more in demand and also, many welding shops sell this welding machine.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Plasma cutter and its five ws

Plasma cutter is the most modern welding machine that has excellent features and characteristics. Let us analyze about this welders in brief through an investigation concept called five ws. Yes, five ws are called as an investigation concept and this sort of technique is generally practiced by the people who are in the field of journalism and police. It is a very simple and basic concept and it enhances the readers to understand the concepts in clear. Who? When? Where? Why? What? These are called as five ws and it is the simple and easy technique to understand about some basic concepts of a subject. Let us proceed in this way

Why plasma cutting machine is called as the modern welding machine?
In this technique, many new processes are followed and it helps the user to cut fast and it has all the modern features such as 4t/2t remote, post flow timer and also it has over current warning facility. So this machine has all the features that suit this modern world so it is called as the modern machine and also as child of modern invention.

What are the different types of plasma cutting machine available?

SuperCut40, SuperCut, 50, SuperCut50P, PowerPlasma50, PowerPlasma 60, PowerPlasma 60E, PowerPlasma 70, PowerPlasma 80 and Power Plasma 100 are the different types of plasma cutting machine available. Each type differs from one other in few aspects, but when you consider the quality of those machines, all these types perform well and has high duty cycle.

When one can use this plasma cutter?

The user can use this welder when they want cut metals like steels and different metals with different thickness and in this plasma cutting process, the inert gas is blown at high speed and it has all the sufficient capability to weld the metal. When you consider for a portable machine with all facilities and features, then you can use this machine and also this machine plays dual role such as it welds and also it removes the weld through the same equipment. If you are looking for a machine that goes beyond the duty cycle, then this machine suits well. It does the welding in a faster way and also you can acquire the clean weld.

Who invented plasma cutting machine?

This process has been in the existence for more than 50 years and some sources say that it was available during the world war era and it was invented as a protective barrier to protect the weld from oxidation. Over the course, it has been drastically developed and now it ranges in different sizes with different features, but still now there is no prediction that who invented this process.

Where to get the best plasma cutting machines?

You can get the plasma cutter from manufacturers who are manufacturing and selling different welding machines. While buying this welding machine, do some careful analysis and get the best welding machines from market. Get the user manual and know its specifications.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welders and its significance in manufacturing industries

Manufacturing industries always need the help of welding in all their products, particularly aircraft industries and automobile industries need the help of great welders and without proper welding machines; they fail to meet their demands. So the industries need some good welders and the machines they choose should be good in all aspects. Without welding, it is very sure we can’t get some of the electronic devices, bio medical applications, automobiles and battery pack applications. That much importance the welding machines have in manufacturing industries. Let us see some of the significant machines that are widely used in the manufacturing industries. arc welding is the second most welding process that have been in the existence after forge welding and this welding process creates an electric arc between the electrode and the base material by using the welding power supply.

It is an only welding process that uses both consumable and non consumable welding electrodes and also uses either ac or dc current. This welding process got developed soon and it is now widely used in aluminium and non ferrous material industries. The arc welders is the welding machines that is used to perform arc welding and it is widely used for general repair, fabrication, commercial industrial and factory maintenance and in agricultural industries. The arc welder is portable and has all the features to perform a good welding process and it is of Infineon igbt inverter type and has rated output dc amps. It has hot start with digital display and adaptive arc force control and runs in 240 v single phase.

The next welding process that is widely used is tig welding and it became popular during the year 1940's and as a result of this welding process, it has been propelled the use of aluminium for welding and structural processes. This welding process is used for both manual and high quality welding process and it is commonly used to weld aluminium, alloys, copper, magnesium and stainless steel. The manufacturing industries have acquired the great control over this welding process compared to other welding processes. The tig welder is the welding machine that is used for this welding and there are different varieties of tig welders available and each welders offer the good features with good control and welding process.

It is truly portable and economical too and has been made with best materials and inverter class. The different types of tig welders are of inverter type and of a class Infineon igbt. The tig welders have duty cycles that exceeds the competition and has been built in with different functions and widely used for different purposes. It is used in heavy fabrication and commercial purposes. The next modern and scientific welding machine that has some good features are plasma cutter and it is the welding machine that does two roles called as plasma cutting and plasma gouging. It is also widely used in shipyards, general repair and in many industrial purposes. Overall all the welding machines like plasma cutter and mig welder are much beneficial to different industries.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Tips to select a plasma cutter

Anyone who needs good welding machine in home or workshop finds plasma cutter as the right choice to cut any metal because this welder cuts effectively than any other welders. This welder compress the gas through its nozzle and at the same time ignites the gas. The ignited gases become as heat plasma and in turn it has the sufficient heat to cut the metal. Workers who are involved in cutting metals find plasma cutter as the most useful welder in the market. Though it seems to be the best welding machine, it becomes valueless if you buy this welding machine without any proper guidance and suggestions. To make your purchase as an easy one, this article may help you in all aspects. Try to follow these tips so that you can buy the right welding machines that do not make any problems while working.

First determine your plasma cutting machine rate and the rate indicates the inches a cutter can cut per minute. It depends on two things such as metal type and amperage. Amperage generally deals with how much the electric current can pass between the two conductors. Higher the amperage, larger the arc it produces. Metal types have the chance of affecting plasma cutters rate because different metals has the capability to conduct electricity at different rates. It is a general fact that metals with higher conductivity can cut quickly than metals with lower conductivity. Your workshop or home electrical output should match with your plasma cutting equipment requirement. Duty cycle of the welder is essential and you need to buy the welding machines with proper duty cycle.

It is a known fact that duty cycles generally indicates how many metals it can cut per particular time span and also how long does it takes to cool down before cutting the other machine. For example, a plasma cutting machine that cuts for 3 minutes requires 9 minutes to cool down if it has 20 percent duty cycle. Similarly the cooling rate varies based on the duty cycle of the welding machine. Portability is what you need to determine and remember that even small amps welding machine can weigh more. If you have decided to buy a powerful welder, then be sure that you do not relocate very often so that you remain hassle free. The high amp plasma cutters generally require an air compressor that provides a continuous stream of air for ongoing steady arc. For welding jobs that are small, you can use compressed air bottle that are less powerful and also, you can use low amp plasma cutter. The general fact is that you need to replace each bottle as it gets empties.

Make sure that the plasma cutting machine you busy suits within your budget and if you buy for small jobs, then buy the mid range plasma cutters or if you are going to buy for some big purposes, then buy the high amp plasma cutting welding machines that suits your budget.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tig welder and its basic information

When buying any welding machines, you should know some basic information and especially when buying tig welder, you should know in brief because it is called as one of the best welding machines and has excellent features. In this article, we are going to deal about the basic information about tig welding machine so that when you go to shop for buying this machine, you can buy it with ease. Let us go in this way

Which metals can be welded with the use of tig welder?

Tig welding can be utilized to weld metals like steel, copper, nickel, alloy, aluminium, magnesium, gold etc. It can be also used to weld door handles, fenders, wagons, bike frames and much more. With the help of tig welding machine, you can weld almost in any position. Always remember that this welding process do not exhaust any smokes or fumes.

What are the different types of tig welding machines available?

The different types of welding machines available in the market are power I-tig 200, powertig 185 micro, powertig 200 DX, powertig 225 LX, Powertig 250 EX and powertig 315 DX. All these welding machines are of Infineon igbt inverter type and have some features like over current warning facility and etc.

When the weldor should wear the safety gears?

It is a known fact that welding is subjected to heat and fumes and the user should use appropriate welding safety gears when they do the welding process. They should always keep in mind that safety is first and they should check the equipment when and there necessary. Electric arc releases UV rays and the weldor should protect their skin by wearing welding clothes and also they should cover their hands with welding gloves. The users should inspect all electrical cables and connectors for proper insulation. To protect the eyes from welding fumes, they should wear welding goggles and also protective screens should be set up around the welding area to protect from other exposures.

Where to get the best tig welding machines?

Getting the best tig welders is not an easy task unless you find the good shop and manufacturer for the welder that you are going to buy. Take some care and buy the machines that are worth to your money. Do some search in internet and try to identify the best welders in the market? Do compare their rates with other shops and manufacturers so that you can get the best machine.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The three efficient welders

The three best welders that have been ruling the welding industry are arc welder, plasma cutter and tig welder. Even though different types of welding machine exist, these three machines are called as the best welding machines. Why it is called so? It is called so because it has all the features and qualities that best suits the welding industries. Arc welding has been called as one of the oldest type of welding process and tig welding comes under the category of mid type welding process and plasma cutter have now joined in the list of modern welding machines. So in this article, let us see why these three welding machines are called as the best welding machines in brief. Let us first start with the oldest type of welding process called as arc welding and the arc welding process.

Arc welder is a device that joins the more pieces of steel or metals together and it has the capability to generate enough heat so that it can melt the pieces of metal or steel in a quick way. Arc welding is in practice from 1802, but the welding machines that were invented in those days were not portable and it was very heavy to carry and leave outside more polluted gases. Whereas now the arc welders that is in existence has excellent features and weld the metals in an easy way. It is available in different types in market in affordable prices. Power arc 160 and power arc 200 are the two welding machines that are available in market now. Both these types are of Infineon igbt inverter type and it is typically used in different applications and also has good hot start.

The next welder that we are going to discuss is plasma cutter. It is called as the scientific and modern welding features and preferred more by different industries due to its excellent features and reliability. It accurately cuts the metal with ease and it uses high voltage electrical arc and plasma gas so that it welds the metal quickly and easily. In market you can find different types of plasma cutter welding machines such as super cut40, 50, 50p, power plasma 50, 60, 70, 60E, 80 and 100. Each type has over current warning facility and cuts the metal of different thickness. It is widely used in different industries and also cuts as faster than any other welding machines. It has good duty cycle and also accuracy is its advantage.

Tig welder is a non consumable welding process and it has been developed in a fast way with good features. In market, the following tig welders are available and they are power I-tig 200, powertig 185 micro, powertig 200DX, powertig225LX, powertig 250 EX and powertig 315DX. As like other machines, it also has best features. So when you buy these three welding machines, buy with care so that you can buy the best one and efficient one.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pros and cons of welders

Many of us are still in a dilemma with the difference between welder and weldor. A welder is the machine that does the welding work and process whereas the weldor is a person who does the work with his welding skills. Today, in this article, we are going to deal about the pros and cons of the welders (i.e.) the positive and negative aspects of welders. This gives you an idea about the different features of different welding machines. Let us move to the article now. There are different types of welding process and each and every welding process has their own welding machines and it has their own benefits. The basic welding and the foremost welding process that have been in the industry for so far is arc welding and the welder that is used for this purpose is called as arc welder.

Generally there are two types of arc welders available in the market and all these two types are made of Infineon igbt inverter type. It has over current warning facility and also comes in a portable type with welding torch present in it. You can carry it wherever you need and also it is easy to use anywhere. The next welding machine is mig welder and the mig welding process uses this type of welding machines and it is a consumable electrode method type and uses consumables such as tungsten electrode. It also comes in different types with portability in nature and also it is very cheap in price. Based on your welding process, you can use the different ratings welding machine. It is also of Infineon igbt inverter type and it has over current warning facility and other best features so that it is easy to use and also easy to buy.

The next effective welding machine is plasma cutter and it is called as the welding machine that uses the scientific welding process in a best way. It is available in ten different types and also it is portable and cuts the metal with accuracy. When you use this welder, you can cut the metal in a fast way and also in an easy way without any strain. It has all the best features and also has the modern features and you can perform plasma gouging with the same plasma cutting machine. So you can do two works in a single machine without buying separate welding equipments. So in all aspects, the welders have more positive aspects. When you see in the negative point of view, it is very less and it all depends on how we use those machines.

For example, if you buy a machine without proper ratings and duty cycle, you cannot do the good welding process and also the welding machines get repaired soon. So try to get the best welding machines so that you can have all the enjoyments and good facilities when you do the welding work.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pros and cons of plasma cutter

In this world, everything has its own pros and cons and even the life is shared with 50% positives and other half with negatives, so the machines are not the exemption. Plasma cutter, the scientific welding machine has some majority percentage of positives; you can ask me what about other few percent. Yes, it has negatives, but depends on our usage and buying. Let us discuss briefly about the pros and cons of this welding machine in brief so that when you go to buy this machine, you can buy it with ease and also you can know buy this machine by knowing its major facts. This plasma cutting machine has been preferred by the industries for more than 50 years and it is one of the preferred methods for cutting the metal.

From 70’s it has occupied the industries in the wide range and offer several advantages than other cutting methods. This welder is one of the fastest welding machines and does the welding process in an accurate way. It requires no preheating so that the torch can begin its cutting immediately. Its speed is up to 500 IPM and it is one of the best versatile welders. It has the capability to pierce, intricate cutting and always believe in one operation. It can effectively cut any electrically conductive metal that is 6” thick and with its high precision components, it eliminates the cost of some secondary operations. It has the torch head that is computer controlled and creates a clean and sharp cut.

Plasma cutter always gives high cut quality and has less dross and high quality edges. This welder results in high quality production and it is very easy to use. Though the machine may seem complicated, it is capable of producing amazing results. It is safe and offers a quality system that draw smoke away from the operator. It is used by workers and industries in different varieties of condition and it can even cut large sheets of metal. The plasma cutter executes magical results because it uses the basic standards of physics called plasma and this gas has the capacity to weld any kind of metals because it has that much heat capacity. The outside surface remains relatively cool and prevent wrapping and paint damage.

It cuts five times faster than any other welding machines and performs other welding operation that is called as plasma gouging. It can pierce any kind of metal quickly and has adjustable post flow cooling and over current warning facility. This excellent welding machine has only few cons that is it requires frequent replacement of some spare parts if it is not used properly, but it can rectified if the user use it with proper care. The myth surrounding this welder is that it costs more, but it is not true and it is available in cheap prices with warranty and guarantee. So make use of the best welding machines and equip your industry with this excellent scientific welding machine.

Monday, April 4, 2011

How to choose the best welders for your work?

Welding is relatively a simple concept, but you need to understand some of its terms and concepts. The industries and other concerns that need the welding machine for their work should be cautious and they should know how to select the best welders for their work. Unless they find the good solution for their work, their process seems hard. Are you been worrying how to select the appropriate welders for your work and have been thinking what to do? Then, read this article, you will surely understand how to choose the welding machine for your work. Let us proceed now.

A good welding machine is a useful addition to any garage and first sort out your requirements so that you can find the best type that suits you. If you need an arc welder, you need to know some tips on that welding machine or else if you are in the need of tig welder, then you should know the tips regarding it. You need to consider your current and future welding and welders needs and based upon that you need to buy a machine. If you are just using the welding machine to fix a crack in your outdoor grill, then the small welding machine is enough. If you are going to work with some big objects or industries, then surely you need the big welding machine. Generally metals that are thicker requires heavy duty welders whereas the small ones require smaller type and get a hobbyist welding kit for cutting or welding thin sheet metal.

The next thing is you should consider the material you are working with and for metal like ferrous or steel, you need the tig welder and for aluminium, you need arc welder. For non ferrous metals, you need mig welders and try to use the appropriate power source for your work. Low cost ac power welder is enough for small welding jobs whereas for heavy duty jobs, you need to rely on dc welders. Dc welders may cost more, but offers better output and heat penetrating power. Consider how much your welder uses the power and research more about duty cycle when you buy the welding machine and the duty cycle determines how long your welding machine runs and also remember that thickness alone is not the only determining factor.

Generally the duty cycles represent how long the welding machine runs before it take time to cool off and if your machine need cool off material very often, then you can't do your work with ease and in turn you get irritated and this cause some injuries to the users. Have a general chat with welding experts and contact the welding manufacturers and sales persons so that you can get the best welding machines with ease. Do more research and search in the internet and you can find lots of information on welding machines like arc welder, tig welder, plasma cutter and more. Hope, you would have got some ideas on how to choose the appropriate welding machine for your work.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Plasma Cutter and Cutting - All You Need to Know

When considering plasma cutting , it is one of the best metals that cuts different metal with different thickness and in this process, the inert gas are blown out at a high speed. This welder uses the gas called plasma and the plasma has different properties that made them to stand distinct with other gases. Similarly due to the use of plasma gas, the plasma cutting processes also stand distinct when compared to other welding processes. In this process, an electrical gas from the nozzle turns the gas to plasma and that has is sufficiently hot to melt the metal as it sufficiently blow the molten metal away from the cut. The plasma arc welders are extremely hot and it is the effective means of cutting different kinds of metals with different thickness alike.

The welding machine that is used for this process is called as plasma cutter and it uses different methods to start the arc and some plasma cutters use high voltage and high frequency methods to start an arc. This high quality machine uses high quality parts and it has been made with the design that has been specifically suitable to different platforms. It is also called as accurate plasma cutting machine since it cuts the different metal with accuracy, stability, speed and durability. It is a machine that outperform and outlasts its competition. When buying any welding machine, the accuracy is important and also, the lifetime is important. The specialty of this machine is its base do not move during the cutting process and it delivers incredible accuracy with super solid fully welded base and it is a professional graded machine that produces professional graded outputs.

The plasma cutting machine has the components that make them highly accurate and also, the plasma cutter consumables are available easily and you can replace it whenever you need. You don't need to worry about the mismatched components when considering this machine and it eliminates all the problems such as slip or wear over time when it has been used frequently and especially when it has been used heavily. It is capable of amazing precision and the plasma torch along with this machine gives high quality cuts to any shop. It cuts the different metals with smooth cuts crisp and smooth edges and eliminates the need of secondary operations and reduces your time to each and every project.

It is available in different types and it has over current warning facility and post flow timer that increase the additional features of this machine. It has efficient and good duty cycle so that you can cut any size of metal for long hours without any inconvenience. It has been used in different applications and also it has been used in construction sites for many processes. It is available in a reasonable price and once you approach the best manufacturers, it is sure that you can get the best welding machines with ease.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Are the plasma cutters the right choice for welding?

Plasma, it is a gas and it has unique status and unbelievable cutting power due to its collision of fast moving electrons with other electrons and ions. Plasma cutter is a welding machine that uses this high ionized gas and when any welding work is done with this welder, it gives accuracy and fast cutting. It is an only welder that is used to cut metals of different thickness and this process has its origin almost fifty years ago during the period of World War II. When you see how it was developed, its origination is simple and it is used to improve the joining of aircraft materials. It uses a protective barrier of inert gas to protect the weld from oxidation. Plasma cutting process is a vital process for nay industry and by using this welder; the industries can create a product with accurate shape and control.

The plasma cutter welding machine comes in all size and shapes and they are the welders that perform the same function in spite of their size and shape. They generally work by sending gas through an electric arc and a powerful spark is generated between the electrode and the metal. The plasma gas itself conducts electric current and the arc is continues as long as there is frequent power supply to the electrode. The plasma cutting welding machine uses number of methods to start the arc and they are of inverter type and gives greater efficiencies. It also performs the other process called plasma gouging and this process can be done with the single machine and it reduces the expense of buying other machine. The plasma cutter can perform multi axis cut of thicker material and this welders has increased flexibility, optimum safety and faster operation.

This welding machine has been designed with portability and has some special features for track torch operation. It is available in different types and has adjustable post flow cooling so that it can handle routine shop challenges with ease. The plasma cutter has efficient duty cycle and runs in both single phase and three phases. Its duty cycle is enormous and can withstand for long duration with ease and without heat. It has the cooling facility built in so whenever the welder gets heated up, the cooler automatically cools it and has the high frequency start type. It is recommended for different metal thickness and typically used in different applications such as HVAC to general repair. This welding machine has over current warning facility and warns whenever the current exceeds the capacity. It virtually cuts any metal with ease and use torches with inexpensive service parts and consumables.

It has digital meter reading and keeps the user updated on unit operating condition and you can cut any metals where the cutting is impractical and slow. It is excellent choice for smooth cuts and it is very simple to use if you handle it properly. So with all these features, this welding machine stands better than other welding machines and it is an excellent choice for welding operation.

Friday, April 1, 2011

General View on Welders

Welding, the most important process that the industries need and most of us are not aware about this due to the fact that it is dangerous and deals with fumes, but it is not true. May be we can say it is partially true and it is due to the improper handling of the users. There may be different welding processes and each process need different welders, but in general, the three welding machines have been predominantly used in manufacturing industries and they are tig welder, arc welder and plasma cutter. They have been famous due to their accuracy in cutting and due to their working efficiency. Before going in depth into the article, let us solve one dilemma and then proceed into it. There is a chaos surrounding the welder and that is whether it refers to the person who does the welding work or it refers to the machine that does the welding process.

The welder refers to machine and not the worker and the person who does the welding process is called as weldor. Let us now proceed into the article. The welding machines are important in many manufacturing industries and it is due to their accuracy and efficiency. The arc welder is the oldest welding machine, but the modest welding machine with various features and settings. It comes in portable type and it has the hand held unit that operates in different working conditions. In market, there are some two types of arc welders available and all these two types look different, but have the same working procedure and efficiency. It has good duty cycle and can withstand for long hours of time. If you run this machine with a proper running and setting condition, then sure you would enjoy its features and benefits in a best way.

The welding machine that is next in a row is tig welder and when considering tig welding, there is a say that it is a difficult process when compared with other welding processes and it is difficult to master, but the tig welder have changed this issue. Users after started to use this welding machine have said, it had become easier to do and also it is very portable and cuts the materials like aluminum and steel with ease. There are more and different varieties of tig welders available in market and each type performs the same process, but cuts the metal of different thickness. Next is plasma cutter, it is one of the scientific and modern welding machine with various features and recently, it has gained attraction of industrialists. It has gained popularity because it can do the big cutting processes in easier way and also remove the weld.

Yes, it removes the weld, and this can be performed in the same welding machine called plasma cutting machine. It is also available in different types and all the types are of inverter type and they do their role better. The other welding machines that also have some good features are mig welder and more.