Friday, April 8, 2011

The three efficient welders

The three best welders that have been ruling the welding industry are arc welder, plasma cutter and tig welder. Even though different types of welding machine exist, these three machines are called as the best welding machines. Why it is called so? It is called so because it has all the features and qualities that best suits the welding industries. Arc welding has been called as one of the oldest type of welding process and tig welding comes under the category of mid type welding process and plasma cutter have now joined in the list of modern welding machines. So in this article, let us see why these three welding machines are called as the best welding machines in brief. Let us first start with the oldest type of welding process called as arc welding and the arc welding process.

Arc welder is a device that joins the more pieces of steel or metals together and it has the capability to generate enough heat so that it can melt the pieces of metal or steel in a quick way. Arc welding is in practice from 1802, but the welding machines that were invented in those days were not portable and it was very heavy to carry and leave outside more polluted gases. Whereas now the arc welders that is in existence has excellent features and weld the metals in an easy way. It is available in different types in market in affordable prices. Power arc 160 and power arc 200 are the two welding machines that are available in market now. Both these types are of Infineon igbt inverter type and it is typically used in different applications and also has good hot start.

The next welder that we are going to discuss is plasma cutter. It is called as the scientific and modern welding features and preferred more by different industries due to its excellent features and reliability. It accurately cuts the metal with ease and it uses high voltage electrical arc and plasma gas so that it welds the metal quickly and easily. In market you can find different types of plasma cutter welding machines such as super cut40, 50, 50p, power plasma 50, 60, 70, 60E, 80 and 100. Each type has over current warning facility and cuts the metal of different thickness. It is widely used in different industries and also cuts as faster than any other welding machines. It has good duty cycle and also accuracy is its advantage.

Tig welder is a non consumable welding process and it has been developed in a fast way with good features. In market, the following tig welders are available and they are power I-tig 200, powertig 185 micro, powertig 200DX, powertig225LX, powertig 250 EX and powertig 315DX. As like other machines, it also has best features. So when you buy these three welding machines, buy with care so that you can buy the best one and efficient one.

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