Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welders and its significance in manufacturing industries

Manufacturing industries always need the help of welding in all their products, particularly aircraft industries and automobile industries need the help of great welders and without proper welding machines; they fail to meet their demands. So the industries need some good welders and the machines they choose should be good in all aspects. Without welding, it is very sure we can’t get some of the electronic devices, bio medical applications, automobiles and battery pack applications. That much importance the welding machines have in manufacturing industries. Let us see some of the significant machines that are widely used in the manufacturing industries. arc welding is the second most welding process that have been in the existence after forge welding and this welding process creates an electric arc between the electrode and the base material by using the welding power supply.

It is an only welding process that uses both consumable and non consumable welding electrodes and also uses either ac or dc current. This welding process got developed soon and it is now widely used in aluminium and non ferrous material industries. The arc welders is the welding machines that is used to perform arc welding and it is widely used for general repair, fabrication, commercial industrial and factory maintenance and in agricultural industries. The arc welder is portable and has all the features to perform a good welding process and it is of Infineon igbt inverter type and has rated output dc amps. It has hot start with digital display and adaptive arc force control and runs in 240 v single phase.

The next welding process that is widely used is tig welding and it became popular during the year 1940's and as a result of this welding process, it has been propelled the use of aluminium for welding and structural processes. This welding process is used for both manual and high quality welding process and it is commonly used to weld aluminium, alloys, copper, magnesium and stainless steel. The manufacturing industries have acquired the great control over this welding process compared to other welding processes. The tig welder is the welding machine that is used for this welding and there are different varieties of tig welders available and each welders offer the good features with good control and welding process.

It is truly portable and economical too and has been made with best materials and inverter class. The different types of tig welders are of inverter type and of a class Infineon igbt. The tig welders have duty cycles that exceeds the competition and has been built in with different functions and widely used for different purposes. It is used in heavy fabrication and commercial purposes. The next modern and scientific welding machine that has some good features are plasma cutter and it is the welding machine that does two roles called as plasma cutting and plasma gouging. It is also widely used in shipyards, general repair and in many industrial purposes. Overall all the welding machines like plasma cutter and mig welder are much beneficial to different industries.

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