Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pros and cons of welders

Many of us are still in a dilemma with the difference between welder and weldor. A welder is the machine that does the welding work and process whereas the weldor is a person who does the work with his welding skills. Today, in this article, we are going to deal about the pros and cons of the welders (i.e.) the positive and negative aspects of welders. This gives you an idea about the different features of different welding machines. Let us move to the article now. There are different types of welding process and each and every welding process has their own welding machines and it has their own benefits. The basic welding and the foremost welding process that have been in the industry for so far is arc welding and the welder that is used for this purpose is called as arc welder.

Generally there are two types of arc welders available in the market and all these two types are made of Infineon igbt inverter type. It has over current warning facility and also comes in a portable type with welding torch present in it. You can carry it wherever you need and also it is easy to use anywhere. The next welding machine is mig welder and the mig welding process uses this type of welding machines and it is a consumable electrode method type and uses consumables such as tungsten electrode. It also comes in different types with portability in nature and also it is very cheap in price. Based on your welding process, you can use the different ratings welding machine. It is also of Infineon igbt inverter type and it has over current warning facility and other best features so that it is easy to use and also easy to buy.

The next effective welding machine is plasma cutter and it is called as the welding machine that uses the scientific welding process in a best way. It is available in ten different types and also it is portable and cuts the metal with accuracy. When you use this welder, you can cut the metal in a fast way and also in an easy way without any strain. It has all the best features and also has the modern features and you can perform plasma gouging with the same plasma cutting machine. So you can do two works in a single machine without buying separate welding equipments. So in all aspects, the welders have more positive aspects. When you see in the negative point of view, it is very less and it all depends on how we use those machines.

For example, if you buy a machine without proper ratings and duty cycle, you cannot do the good welding process and also the welding machines get repaired soon. So try to get the best welding machines so that you can have all the enjoyments and good facilities when you do the welding work.

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