Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tig welder and its basic information

When buying any welding machines, you should know some basic information and especially when buying tig welder, you should know in brief because it is called as one of the best welding machines and has excellent features. In this article, we are going to deal about the basic information about tig welding machine so that when you go to shop for buying this machine, you can buy it with ease. Let us go in this way

Which metals can be welded with the use of tig welder?

Tig welding can be utilized to weld metals like steel, copper, nickel, alloy, aluminium, magnesium, gold etc. It can be also used to weld door handles, fenders, wagons, bike frames and much more. With the help of tig welding machine, you can weld almost in any position. Always remember that this welding process do not exhaust any smokes or fumes.

What are the different types of tig welding machines available?

The different types of welding machines available in the market are power I-tig 200, powertig 185 micro, powertig 200 DX, powertig 225 LX, Powertig 250 EX and powertig 315 DX. All these welding machines are of Infineon igbt inverter type and have some features like over current warning facility and etc.

When the weldor should wear the safety gears?

It is a known fact that welding is subjected to heat and fumes and the user should use appropriate welding safety gears when they do the welding process. They should always keep in mind that safety is first and they should check the equipment when and there necessary. Electric arc releases UV rays and the weldor should protect their skin by wearing welding clothes and also they should cover their hands with welding gloves. The users should inspect all electrical cables and connectors for proper insulation. To protect the eyes from welding fumes, they should wear welding goggles and also protective screens should be set up around the welding area to protect from other exposures.

Where to get the best tig welding machines?

Getting the best tig welders is not an easy task unless you find the good shop and manufacturer for the welder that you are going to buy. Take some care and buy the machines that are worth to your money. Do some search in internet and try to identify the best welders in the market? Do compare their rates with other shops and manufacturers so that you can get the best machine.

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