Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tig welder selection tips

Tig welding is one of the finest welding processes and it has been used in many industries and applications due to its versatile welding process and accuracy. It uses tungsten electrode as a consumable and it is available in different types. In this article, we are going to deal with some tig welder selections such as choosing, setting and some more tips so that when you buy this welder, it might seems to be an easy one. Many of the basic industries fail to understand this process and get fall on some defect products and also they buy an inexpensive product into a cheap rate. So let us precede our discussion. First we will start with how to buy a tig welding machine.

Try to find a local welding dealer or store and ensure that they are specialized in dealing with all kinds of welding machines and in particular, tig welding machine. The next easiest way to find this welder is to have a look at classifieds, in classifieds, you can see a column for welding over there and in that you can have a look at a variety of welding machines. In welding classifieds, you can also find some sort of used welders, decide yourself, which one are you going to buy. Have a visit at online retailers so that you can get some more ideas on this excellent welding machine. After this processes, you would have come into a conclusion regarding how to buy and where to buy. Our next issue is how to choose it. Choosing is easy if you spend some more time on knowing some basic information about it. You need to select a tig welder that is quality in all aspects and also, you should select a welding machine that can weld all types of metals.

The machine you select should be capable of working with all types of gases. The welding machine should match with the specified tig welding input and for example, if you need to weld a hard metal, you need an ac welder that will work better. Dc welder works well with soft metals and buy a welding machine based on the thickness of the metal that you are going to weld. The most important point is the welding machine that you buy should match well with your work location and buy a portable welding machine that has good duty cycle with warranty and guarantee. I think so now you have bought the best tig welding machines in the market, but you don't how to set up it. Don’t worry, here comes the tips for also that.

Plug the welding machine into the proper marked spots and if necessary, connect the control panel to the welding machine. Then, select the proper ground clamp with appropriate metal setting on the welder and then plug the welding machine into the required outlet and turn it on. Follow these tips and buy the best tig welding machine with attractive features.

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