Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All you need to know in arc welder

Arc welding is the oldest type of welding and the electric arc is created by using the welding power supply between an electrode and the base of the material. This process starts to get developed after forge welding and nikolai bernardos was the one who first created the electric arc welding method. Let us thank him for giving this wonderful welding process because he is the one who puts a foundation on this process. Arc welding gets developed during the middle of the century and now it continues to be popular today. Let us first see how to choose an arc welder. When this was developed, everybody had a thought that it is an expensive machine that can be used only by top companies, but now no one can say that this machine is an expensive one and it has been designed in such a way that everyone can enjoy the usage of this machine. It has become much more affordable and every user who uses this machine enjoys its convenience.

Look for an arc welder that is approved by the American welding society and decide your purpose of using it. Decide your job plan and according to that select a welding machine that suits your demand. It is very good if you visit any welding show because once you visit those shows you can get an idea of its features and can also know the uses and purposes of those machines. As said above, select your area of workplace and then buy the machine. For example, if you have planned to use it for an indoor project such as in car garage, protect your torches from wind by placing a barrier so that your welding torch doesn’t get affected from wind. Flux core arc welding machine is best if you use it for outdoor projects and it more portable and requires less clean up on metal surfaces.

Give importance to trigger mechanism of your welding machine because a welding machine without any trigger mechanism is dangerous if it is used in indoors. Choose your amperage and this factor depends upon the metal you are working with. For example, 5mm steel needs 180-amp welder and 2mm need 90 amp welder so the thickness of the metal is very essential. When you start to work with this welding machine, try to secure it in a place such that there are no flammable materials nearby. Turn your machine and set it to required amps and if continues to stick, try to improve the amperage. Keep the electrode in a minimum distance or else, it will make noise and get sticks to the metal. Once you feel comfortable, start working with your welding process.

Buy a metal with correct amperage and remain safe while welding by using welding safety items such as welding helmets and welding gloves. Keep your arc welder in a flat platform so that the position does not get disturbed and you can weld the metals smoothly.

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