Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tig Welder - All You Need to Know

One of the welding processes that grants greater control over other welding process and allow for stronger and higher quality welds is called as tig welding and it is normally used to weld thin sections of stainless steel, aluminium and more metals in an easy way. There is always a myth surrounding this welding process and it is, this process in more complex to weld and difficult to master, but it is not true now. Yes, once upon a time, this fact was true, but now everything has been changed and in the market, you can find a welder that welds excellently and efficiently. That much development has been made in this process. In this article, let us see about the tig welder and all about it. Tig stands for tungsten inert gas welding and it uses the consumable electrode called tungsten electrode to produce the weld.

The tig welder is generally more advanced than mig welding and with sufficient practice and capability; anyone can become as the master of this welder and can do the welding process in an easy way. Most of the buyers who buy this welder appreciate this unit due to its portability and economy and it is designed to weld any type of steel or stainless material. This welding machine makes repair easy in the field and it fits neatly into about any settings. This welder is fully capable of handling business on its own since it has the unique amperage of combination and features. There are different types of tig welding machines available and they are power I-tig200, powertig 185 micro, powertig 200DX, powertig 225LX, powertig 250EX and powertig 315DX. All these types of welders are of inverter type and it is of Infineon IGBT inverter type.

All these types of tig welder have over current warning facility and has maximum input amps and running amps. These welding machines are stable and has smooth arc characteristic with good puddle wet in. It is portable and light weight and adjustable welding parameters for welding operation. It has good duty cycle and it can withstand for many hours and do not leave out any poisonous or polluted gases so these welders are also called as environment and user friendly welding machines. It has a pulse function that increases the weld quality and reduces the overall heat input. It is easy to connect and the accessories allow you to set up this machine quickly and easily. You can take it anywhere you go since it is compact and portable.

This welding machine is fully of digital type and has digital readout for accurate setting of amperage and control. It is suitable to use anywhere since it has been protected properly. You can use this tig welding machine in all types of applications and can achieve good and quality welding. If you buy this welding machine, it is sure that you can enjoy numerous benefits from this welding machine.

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