Sunday, March 20, 2011

What is the use of tig welder?

In this article, we are going to discuss the use of tig welder and before going into brief, let us see a small introduction about the tig welding and its advantages. When you give importance to the appearance of products, your choice has to be tig welding and it may not be suitable for some welding requirements, but it has many advantages than other welding products. In this welding method, the welding arc is created between the electrode and the metal that is going to be welded. Generally the non consumable electrode called tungsten electrode is used due to its high melting point and good electrical characteristics. To weld any metal some sort of heat is required and that heat is produced by the arc and after that the shielding gas is fed through torch.

Some tight form of bonding is required and that type of tight bonding is produced by tig welding and it meets the high quality and code requirements. The tig welding process affords a better and quality welding than its competitive welding process called mig welding. When you go to a shop for selecting TIG welders, you should be familiar with the power and sophistication of your job. You should calculate the volume of the job so that buy a tig welding machine based on your work requirement. Most of us will be in a confused state of mind while selecting the power source and will be thinking whether to use DC power source or AC power source. Metals like aluminium and magnesium can be welded by using AC output, whereas metals like steel and stainless steels need DC output. It is advisable to buy a tig welder that is combination of both so that you don't need to run for any ac or dc source.

In market, you can find five tig welding machine series and each type are of inverter type that is Infineon IGBT. You need a 220/240v to run this machine and it typically used in all setting like steel fabrication, general repair, light fabrication, commercial repair and in many industrial uses. The best features of tig welding machines are its portability and user convenience and you can get smooth arc characteristics with good puddle wet. You can take these welders anywhere and can easily connect with torches and accessories. The users will be warned by alarm signal whenever it exceeds its applicable current limit by it’s over current warning facility. The consumables and other accessories get longer life time due to post flow timer.

You can see the settings digitally because it has digital readouts so that the users can readout the settings and controls accurately without any mistakes. You can use these welders in all types of industries where accuracy and appearance is needed and these machines are sold out in market with affordable price and warranty, but you need to select welder's shop that sells this quality and efficient welding machine with good price and warranty.

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