Friday, May 13, 2011

Arc Welder and Its General Information

Joining two or more pieces of metal is easy now and we have many welding machines in the market that welds tow pieces of metals and arc welder is a device that joins two pieces or more than two pieces of steels together. It is very common that the welders generate enough heat to melt the pieces of steel and by suing electric current these welding machines generates enough heat to melt those pieces. Generally a welding rod is placed in the arc welder and it is placed in positive side and it is called as stinger and the negative part is attached to steel with a clamp. When the electrode gets stroked on the steel, the steel generates a spark and the metal gets melted. The electrode that is placed melts the steel and joins the pieces together.

Hope, now everyone would have understood what we are discussing now, yes we are seeing about arc welder and its significance. All the welding machines have a welding rod and the welding rod of this welding machine is covered with a material known as flux and as the rod gets melt, the flux gets creates the gas and that gas shield the contaminants of weld and allow this welding machine to cool without any problem and once the weld had cooled, you need to chip the slag from the weld and brush the wire to ensure it is presentable and neat. May be this welding machine may seems to be slow, but it is a past comment and now the arc welding machine that is in market now are very fast and accurate. It is of portable type and made in such a way that it is user convenient.

Tig welder resembles this machine in some aspects such as the wire welding rod is dipped in a weld pool and melts the steel with welding torch. While doing arc welding, the user should move his hand downwards and it is especially done to keep the rod distance away so that the user can acquire the uniform weld depth and penetration. Mig welder varies with arc welding machine in some aspects and unlike arc welding machine, the mig welder feeds the wire off so that the user needs to focus on moving his hand in the welding direction. The welders that are in market now have all the features the user needs and it is leading the industry with its price and performance. It is of Infineon IGBT inverter type and typically used in many applications such as general repair, fabrication, commercial industries, factory maintenance and in ship yards.

Arc welding are always recognized by the people and it is also called as stick welders. So buy these welding machines in a well recognized shop and get the best one so that you can enjoy the benefits of this machine. While welding always try to weld in a safe area and protect yourself with appropriate safety welding gears and wear welding goggles and welding helmets so that you are always protected.

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