Monday, May 23, 2011

Tips to Weld Safely

Welding whatever type it may be, it is dangerous if you not wear appropriate welding accessories. While you do any welding such as arc welding, mig welding, tig welding and more do it with some precautionary measures and also you must employ number of safety conditions in order to weld safely. Welding has plenty of makes use of, but improper procedures can show disastrous. Always pick to weld safely. Here are the tips that you should follow when you do any welding with arc welder, mig welder, tig welder, plasma cutter and much more.

* Do not minimize or ignore safety precautions--welding is not an activity conducive to shortcuts. Do examine all the equipments for sign of wear.
* Check all valves & hoses for feasible leaks. Spray all hoses & fittings with a light mixture of dish soap & water. The soap creates bubbles through leaks. Replace any damaged equipment before use
* Open doors and windows and turn on exhaust fans to make sure adequate ventilation. Have a working fire extinguisher nearby. Prepare the area in which you'll be welding. Remove trash, cardboard, shop rags, flammable liquids and all other flammable materials that can ignite from a stray welding spark.
* Welder mask can prevent the retinal damage that happen if you have been subjected to any sparks in eye and try to wear the mask that prevents 100% UV and infra red rays.
* While welding, you should definitely wear the dress that are appropriately mentioned for welding and try to wear the welder clothes that are grease-free flame retardant clothing that fits close to your body
* Wear long pants, shirts and long sleeves to protect your skin Place rubber bands around loose fitting ankle and wrist cuffs.
* The welding environment in which the users work is essential and it should be conducive to safe craft practice. Do not weld in an area where the floor is covered with wooden floors and work in an area where the floor has been covered with fire resistant materials.
* When you weld, make sure that there is not any flammable material present around you and always have a fire extinguisher that is capable of putting any fire out
* Your welding area should be ventilated properly so that you can avoid over exposure to toxic gases. Never weld even there is a small puddle of water around you
* Always do your work with proper attire and wear welding helmet while you weld so that you can be safe and the welding helmet performs no of functions such as prevents the welder from damaging his eyes with flash burns and protect the entire face from sparks and hot metal
* Check your electrical equipment before you do welding and make sure that all connections are proper and they never exceed their capacity.
* While performing work with welders, make sure that you do not touch their inner parts when you work and never keep any materials around them.

Work safely and have a nice working atmosphere always around yourself.


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