Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tig Welding and Tig Welder's Summary

Tungsten inert gas welding is the full form of tig welding and it is generally an arc welding process which uses tungsten electrodes to produce the weld. The tungsten electrode is a non consumable electrode; hence this welding is called as non consumable welding. This welding is generally used to weld thin metals such as thin section of stainless steel and metal such as aluminum, magnesium and copper. This is the process where the user gets greater control over the weld than any other processes and allows for stronger and higher quality welds. During those days, this process is difficult to control and master, but after the invention of modern tig welders, this has been changed and now even the person who welds first time can become the master of this welding process.

Even in the 20th century, welding metals like non ferrous metals seems to be a difficult one, then to solve this issue, this welding has been introduced and few years later, this process was one of the best welding process that has been used in the aircraft industry. Depending upon the power set up, this can be used either under direct current or alternating current. This welding is generally done with the help of welder known as tig welder and it is one of the best welders that the industry has seen. It has all the features so that the user can use it with ease and without any complications and a shallow, wide weld is produced from this mode, with minimum heat input. Most of the engineers and welding experts prefer this welding because it has low-hydrogen properties and the match of mechanical and chemical properties with the base material is proper.

Maximum weld quality is assured and it is environment friendly welding process because it uses the most modern technology so that it doesn't leave that much dust and the user can handle this welder with ease since it has been designed with portable weight and build with user convenience. Most of the tig welder manufacturers offer this welding machine with the perfect kit and tools such as welding torch and accessories so that you don’t need to run here and there for to get it. Even the welding torches are made with high quality and the accessory doesn't get worn up easily and it can be used for long time without any defects. It uses a constant current source and has over current warning facility and warns if the current exceeds the limit. So when considering the summary, it can even extend to ten pages because it has all the qualities that can make them suit better for different welding operations.

While buying this welding machine, buy it with care and get the user manual so that you can know the entire information of this machine with accurate settings and control. Buy a quality and warranty welder so that you can use for more number of years.


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