Sunday, May 8, 2011

Welding machines- what you need to know

Can you ever imagine a life without transportation vehicles? Can the country get fame without any historical monuments? Can you imagine a world without any latest technological inventions? The answer for all these questions is single world and it is NO. Today we are living in the world where everything have become luxurious and we can't even imagine a life without some basic amenities, but did you know that behind every things that we enjoy, there is something behind it. Yes, in each and every question that I have mentioned above has some secret behind its work and it is none other than the welding process and welding machines. The motive behind writing this article is the viewers should say welding- everything I know instead of saying welding machines, I don't know anything.

What was the first welding process and welder that have been used?

When you see the history of welding, it goes back centuries ago and it has been in the existence even during medieval period times. As per the source, the firs welding process used was forge welding, but it not gained popularity and later on the other welding process came and it is called as arc welding and the first welder used was arc welder. This welder become famous during the World War 1 and from then it has been still in use with different modifications.

Why you need different types of welding machines for use?

Though most of the welding machine cuts the same type of metal, still why different types of welders has been used. This is the question for most of the people and here is the solution for it. Though different types of welding machines cut the same metal, each and every welding machine has its own uniqueness. For example, plasma cutter all types of metal with different thickness and it is used for cutting some metals, similarly machines like mig welder, tig welder and arc welder have their own characteristic features and perform their own operation. In some cases, the machine that suits for one process may not suit for other process.

Who invented these different types of welding machines?

When considering the invention, there were not that much data available, but the idea behind creating this machine was clear and all the machines have been created based on the welders that have been invented first.

Where to get the best welding machines?

To get the best welding tools or machines, you need to do some good search on the shops or manufacturers who produce the different types of machines with quality, warranty and guarantee. These three is essential and any machine that fails to produce this characteristics doesn't suit your requirement.

Which welders are the best welders?

We can't say that this welding machine is best than the other, mig welding is good for the respective metals that have been made for it, similarly tig welder, arc welder and plasma cutter are best for their respective process and metals.

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