Saturday, May 7, 2011

Everlastwelders - All About Welders and Their Uses

Weldersare always the user friendly tools, if they use it in a proper way. They do not make any harm to you instead it is due to our carelessness; we make some mistakes and hurt ourselves. Generally welding is a process that deals with welding fumes and heat. Yes of course it deals with some hotness and fumes, but without this hotness and fumes, you cannot enjoy the latest technological inventions. There are many welding accessories such as welding helmets and other welding gears such as welding clothes, welding goggles and gloves available to protect the user. So you don't need to worry about it, there are many welders available and each and every welding machine is used for some particular purpose and sometimes they cut the same type of metal, but they are always the user friendly tools.

Mig welder, arc welder, tig welder, spot welder and plasma cutter are the different types of welding tools available and in that mig, arc, tig welder and plasma cutter are the most frequently used welders in the industries due to their significant nature and their work efficiency. Mig welder was originally developed for welding aluminum and later on it was also applied to steels. Further development in this process has made this welder more versatile the most highly used welding tools in the industries. This tool is used for mig welding process and the original name for mig welding is metal inert gas welding and since it uses a shielding gas that are fed through welding gun. This equipment generally consists of welding gun, wire feed unit. Welding power supply and electrode wire with shielding gas supply.

It is used for both commercial and industrial applications and also used in fabrication shops and etc. The next welding machine in the row is tig welder and it is a welding tool that is used to weld some reactive metals such as magnesium, aluminum, steel, copper and some non ferrous materials. Welding performed with this welding process provides stronger welding with high quality welds and grants the operator a great control over the process so that high work efficiency can be achieved. As like it competitor welding machines, it consists of welding gun, torch, a tungsten electrode, welding supply and shielding gas source. This welding process is significantly used in transportation industries and it is also used for HVAC and other purposes.

Plasma cutting process being the scientific welding process is typically used in many industrial applications that starts from general hobbies and extend to HVAC, motor fabrication and more. With the help of plasma cutter, one can even make minute art materials with ease. In the market, it is available with all the material and available with different electrode dimensions so that the user can cut different types of metal with different thickness. Arc welding being the old welding process is still in use and has been used in aircraft industries and more and the arc welder is the best welding tool that suits for this process.

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