Friday, May 6, 2011

Welding- boon or bane

Boom verbally means something to be thankful for and bane is something considered as nuisance and annoyance. My question is what you think of when you hear the world welding, welders and anything related to welding. Either you considered it as a blessing or irritation. When I asked this question to some of my friends, I was very happy that the answer was positive from most of the people. After analyzing the response, I really found and I am glad to have such a wonderful process that has been the reason for many developments in industries and etc. today our discussion is related with the topic whether this process is a boon or a bane. There are many supportive reasons to say that it is a boon to the world rather than saying it is a bane.

Transportation, architectures and many other things need the help of welding technology and without this any country cannot improve their economy and also, they cannot cope up with the other developing countries. There are many welders available in this industry such as tig welder, mig welder, arc welder and etc. Without these inventions, you would not have seen big industries and monuments, in simple, you would not been transporting to different places with ease as the welders and its technology plays a vital role in automobile industries. Many historical structures, even the famous statue of liberty is a part of welding process. So when you see, the reasons behind these great structures are not known to anyone and that matters. If everybody would have known it, then there would be no negative answers for this question.

If you ask any industrialist who heavily depends upon the welder tools, they will say about its advantages and benefits in brief. Many pipes that carry gas, liquid are the part of this technology and any minute defect while welding leads to some dangerous unavoidable issues. Welding is usually the simplest, quickest, and most cost-effective system, at least in the case of structural metals. Welding doesn't need parts to fit exactly. Methods like bolts or screws need some type of flange or overlap of parts, so with welding, weight and material savings can be realized. A top quality weld can often be stronger than the parts to be joined, though this ought to not be depended on. It is probably less true than may welders might claim.

You can cut and weld any types of metal that may be aluminum, steel or etc; it eases the work and gives you the quality welds. It cuts any metals virtually with ease and the modern welders that are available have all the parts that even make the work easier. Overall, it has all the qualities where one can say it is definitely a boon to the world and not a bane. Though it is considered as a process where it deals with welding fumes and the person who does this work are subjected to more risk, but with the advent of the new welders, this has been made false.

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